Our Philosophy

The art of creating value

For us, successful active ownership is about creating value and leading companies to stability and growth: creating enterprise for stakeholders to become the best they can be.

“Entrepreneurial and business experience activated through disciplined process is at the heart of successful investing. Having an understanding for opportunity is one thing, but driving and managing the project to fruition is an essential complementary skill.”
Adriano Agosti Chairman

Our Pillars

Why Active

Active ownership, done right, is enormously rewarding for all those committed to the wellbeing of a business. Not only financially, but also from seeing a community potential realised.

At GoldenPeaks we deep dive into the heart of our investments, understanding them and their internal drivers, while steering them towards faster and better results.

Such investments often involve tough decisions, not least in de-risking, re-modelling, making more efficient. But the rewards from seeing faltering companies realise their full potential is to the core of entrepreneurship.